Common Phrases to Play In a Korean taxi

English to Korean

Please take me to this address.

Please take me to this location on the map.

Please take me to Gyeongpo Ice Hall.

Please take me to Alpensia Jumping Park.

Please take me to Union Hockey Center.

Please take me to Kwangdong University Area.

Please take me to Gangneung Sports Complex.

Please take me to Alpensia Sliding Center.

Please take me to Alpensia Nordic Center.

Please take me to Alpensia Bi-athalon Center.

Please take me to Jungbong Alpine Venue.

I'm sorry. I don't understand.

Thank you very much.

  1. Nearly all taxi drivers in Korea are men, and Korean men are quite comfortable being quiet when with others. Many foreigners can become uncomfortable in extended periods with no one making small talk. Korea is different, so please try to understand if the taxi driver doesn't talk much.
  2. There are two kinds of Korean roads. One kind is broad and modern, with lines and traffic lights together with rules similar to those in other modern countries. But then there are the old style roads too, where modern rules of driving and parking can not always apply. Foreigners can sometimes be distraught by driving techniques in Korea, but understanding the two different kinds of roads here can help facilitate understanding.
  3. Sometimes Korean taxi drivers hurry because it can be considered good service here to do so. It is possible that some foreigners might interpret this negatively, but please try not too.

Korean to English

환영합니다. 어디로 모실까요?.

주소 를 가지고 계세요?.

어디인지 지도 로 보여주시겠어요?

염려마세요. 어디인지 압니다.

잠깐만 기다려주세요. 통역 할 사람을 부를께요.

도착했습니다. 지불하실 요금입니다.

감사합니다. 좋은시간 되세요.