Common Phrases to Play In a Korean Restaraunt

English to Korean

Thank you for helping me.

Yes. It is fine.

I would like to order this, please.

Can I have more of this? (point)

Yes please.

No thank you.

Where is the restroom?

  1. You will seldom be seated by a server in a Korea restaurant. It is usual for clients just to go in and find themselves a seat. Many places have a limited menue of just a few items, and that precludes a lot of communication between the servers and the customers.
  2. Korea restauraunts are used to having the customer call instead of having the server approach the customer. Actually, many restaurants have call buttons on the tables. This is not rude, it is just different.
  3. Korean people don't make eye contact as much as some other cultures. To them, too much eye contact can appear rude. Please try to understand this difference in culture.
  4. Many Korean people don't drink much when eating. This can be very different from what other cultures are used to. You many have to ask for drink refils.
  5. Sitting on the floor may be more difficult for older people, or for some others. Try to get a seat with a wall behind you so that you can lean up against it if you need too.

Korean to English

환영합니다. 만나게 되서 반가워요. 들어오세요..

저를 따라오세요.

이 자리가 당신에게 맞나요/ 이 자리가 마음에 드신가요?(point)

어떤 음료 드시겠어요?

메뉴판 보시겠어요?

주문하시는데 도움이 필요하세요?

음료 더 필요하세요?

음식이 더 필요하세요?

반찬 더 드릴까요?

1계산 하실건가요?

11.와주셔서 감사합니다.