Some Historical Roots of Racial and Cultural Superiority Tendencies

Generally speaking, whenever people share a lot in common, they clump up together if exposed to outsiders. At the same time, this commonality is also a matter of context in that, when left to themselves, they focus on differences rather on commonality and end up nagging, irritating, and gossiping about each other. Social engineers understand this, and work at the […]

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Global Properties – The Test Site is Live

For a few weeks now, we have been developing an international investment site where people can invest money in new construction projects along the P2P model. iExperienceKorea has already posted a couple of articles that outline how that investment model works, and its advantages. Just the today, however, we finally launched the beta version of the test site live as […]

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IEK’s Public Service Strategy – A Good Pattern?

Over the course of the past year, IEK has been involved in social work specifically targeted at helping local businesses prepare for foreigner exposure at the 2018 Winter Olympics. It turns out, however, that the strategies we have employed could have more far reaching implications. Take for example the bitcoin cause. Olympics Preparedness and Bitcoin Adoption – Synergy? Part of IEK’s […]

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P2P Real Estate Investing In Korea and Abroad


Current trends in alternative investing include the rise of crypto-currency, like bitcoin and Ether. These alternative exchange options came onto the scene in the dark-net for the purpose of circumventing detection and fees from involvement in the traditional European Banking systems, which are tied in, of course, to domestic and international law enforcement and which represent a gauntlet of greedy fingers picking […]

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Coffee City


“Cup of Joe There’s nothing like a cup of joe, when the morning’s grey and grim and slow, when the streets collide with the world outside, when litter lies where lilies grow. Just drink that smoking cup of black and feel your feelings surging back. Plus, spill a drop and a coffee shop will sprout up from a sidewalk crack!” […]

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