Where’s the Beef? A Restaurant Review


I’m a meathead, so?

When you are hungry, beef is quality. When you are a meathead, quality beef is even more so.

Disclaimer: I am South African. Meat is a staple, and more often than not the only dish needed to be present to constitute a meal. I am not saying other forms of sustenance do not have their place, and I truly do appreciate them for what they are, when they are, but based on the heading of this post, I think it is fairly clear in which direction this article is leaning.

So let’s get back to the meat of the story, beef in particular.

Finding quality beef in any form in Gangneung is a bit of a mission. Imported beef is frozen, naturally, which hampers the quality. Another problem being that the beef that they import is not of the highest quality to begin with. This then goes from mildly unacceptable to blasphemous.

Korean beef (한우) is not imported and therefore not frozen (Joyous chorus). More often than not it is also of great quality, since it is a great source of pride amongst Koreans (Jubilation). It is, however, priced like a Joseon dynasty era antiquity (Bottomless pit of despair). It is overpriced to such extremities, both in restaurants and markets alike, that a lot of meat lovers forgo eating beef altogether unless on very particular occasions.

But, there might be a light at the end of the tunnel. A tunnel of vegetables, pork, poultry and over processed food.

All You Can Eat Beef!

Beef Restaurant


대관령하누촌 ( Daegwalyeong-hanu-cheon)

Open 11:00am  Close 10:30pm

(Note: the name on the map link and the actual restaurant name is spelled slightly differently)


출처 : 네이버 플레이스


This ALL YOU CAN EAT beef restaurant is situated behind the industrial area, across the river. Getting there would involve a bit of pedaling, a ride on bus no 202-1, 313, 300,111, 103, 113, 115, 118, 116, 302, 310, 312 (it’s the last stop on all these bus lines) or a quick drive. Hell you can even walk there if you are so inclined.

As befits its location, it is a warehouse style restaurant with plenty of open plan seating.




How to Order

The menu is unfortunately only in Korean but if you go there for the all you can eat option (which should be exactly why you are there) feel free to use the table below to help you order.

What you want to order Korean How many people Korean
All you can eat beef. 무한리필로 주세요 2people 두 명 이요
3 세 명 이요
4 네 명 이요
5 다섯 명 이요
Drink Korean People Korean
Beer 맥주 2 두 병 주세요
Soju 소주 3 세 병 주세요
Coke 콜라 4 네 병 주세요
Cider 사이다 5 다섯 병 주세요

A picture of the menu.

Price per person for the food is 28500won, which might seem steep, I know, but for that price you get: A big pan of bulgogi (as much as you want), raw, strip cut beef (only one dish), beef brisket (as much as you want), boneless ribs (as much as you want), flank cut (as much as you want) and sirloin steak (as much as you want).


Korean BBQ, side dishes and of course , the beef!

Do you want more?

If your plate is empty, simply pop this phrase out there 거기 더 주세요 (Geo-gi deo ju-se-yeo) and watch as it magically reappears full of another delicious serving of meat.

The quality is top notch and after an hour and a half and a kilogram of beef, I finally felt that I have eaten.

Remember: This is a bbq restaurant so you cook your own. Drinks are charged extra. Side refills are SELF SERVICE. The time limit on the all you can eat is 2 HOURS.

Be safe and be sated.

– By Hugo Jacobs

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  • Jeniffer Lodholz

    Now I know where to go when I visit Gangneung. Finding good meat is an issue here. Have you every tried BosaNova in Uijeongbu? All you can eat Brazilian beef. It’s awesome too.

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