IEK’s Public Service Strategy – A Good Pattern?

Over the course of the past year, IEK has been involved in social work specifically targeted at helping local businesses prepare for foreigner exposure at the 2018 Winter Olympics. It turns out, however, that the strategies we have employed could have more far reaching implications. Take for example the bitcoin cause.

Olympics Preparedness and Bitcoin Adoption – Synergy?

Part of IEK’s strategy is to organize “Crowd Events”. For us, it just makes sense to go out as a group to expose local businesses and the population to a concentrated foreigner experience. Doing that together has interesting extended ramifications for our Olympics Preparedness cause. Could the “Crowd Event” strategy work well for other kinds of public orientation and education efforts as well?

  1.  We bring money into targeted business and communities. We choose where we are going in advance and work out arrangements with the business before we all show up there en-mass. (If the crowd is large, it can involve substantial revenue)
  2.  We do orientation/training with both the crowd members and the providers we engage.
  3.  We facilitate transactions between the crowd and the service providers.
  4.  We cycle through the business community with a goal of covering geographic regions systematically with ensuing events.
  5.  We try to plan “Publicity Stunts” or otherwise make our events newsworthy to attract free media attention.
  6.  We try to do smaller, more regular “Return Events” in areas already visited in order to follow up and condense the effect of the interactions.

The question is, would these kinds of “Crowd Events” work well for bitcoin meet-up groups. The companies benefit from the business they receive, and organizers can set up discount volume pricing on their events too, so the crowd members get economy of scale, discounted buying power on food and recreation along with the social benefits that attach. And best of all, organizers can just set up bitcoin services methodically and strategically throughout metropolitan districts in an organized and strategic manner.

A Good Strategy For Other Causes

It seems that getting a large group together to go out on the town might not be a very hard thing to do in the age of social media and crowd mentality. Has anyone ever really though of the analogue power that virtual “friends lists” represents if converted to real world interaction? Clearly, there are applications of this idea everywhere on the internet, where groups are arranged online and meet in the “real world” for some purpose.

But effecting grass roots social or economic change, targeting the underlying attitudes and tolerances of entire communities requires more steady and more of a full body contact between a “cause” and a community. And delineating real and immediate auxiliary benefits all around is a good way to package a cause, like putting a pill in a spoon full of jelly.

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