Gangneung International Junior Art Festival


From July 29th to August 1st 2016, Gangneung will host the largest Youth Art Festival in Korea. The festivities are centered at Gyeongpo Beach, where up to 300 youth from 7 different nations will participate in performances that last up to 15 minutes.

The City provides accommodations for the kids, and usually there are around 500 people who attend every night to observe the intercultural exchange as Korea works to build connections to other cultures, and to communicate its own cultural uniqueness to the rest of the world.

There is no charge to attend either for the participants or the observers. Youth from Korea, Japan, China, Russia, Germany, USA, Taiwan, Mongolia, Indonesia, Latvia, Lithuania and Australia have participated in the past. The venue has grown since 2002 when it was started, and is now quite a large event.

art festival

As a long time vacation center and travel destination, Gangneung has sufficient motive to promote intercultural connectedness on those grounds alone, but now, with the Olympics coming fast on the calendar, these kinds of events take on a new importance.

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iEpxerienceKorea wishes to highlight the effort that the City is making toward inclusion. As we often point out, openness to exploring and understanding the ways of other cultures does not necessitate the compromise of ones own.

– By Jeff Rogers


  • Lawrence Mundschenk

    I am extremely inspired by your interest in young people? Keep up the nice quality writing. it is rare to find intercultural kids stuff like this.

    • I love kids too, and I know that the next generation of Koreans will be more adept at multi-cultural interaction. They are having a lot more opportunity to practice than here anyone did in the past.

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