Bloody Mary – The Urban Legend


An urban legend is a story that has been told throughout the years with different versions depending on how the tellers interpret the story. Different renditions can be created by people who change the plot to their circumstances or preference. Urban legends exist around the whole world and can include anything that causes people fear, especially ghosts, abnormal humans, or the occult. There […]

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The Kepler Mission is Changing Probability Models for Life on Other Planets


Abstract For the past 50 years, scientists thought that perhaps the Earth was not so special because there are so many stars. The idea was that there must be many Earth like planets and advanced civilizations in the universe. But recently, some scientists have challenged that idea. They reason that although there are many chances for Earth like systems, there are also […]

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Gangneung’s National Book Fair And IEK’s Youth Author Program


iExperienceKorea has a Youth Author Program. To date, we have completed 7 books with 7 youth authors, and numerous short stories, articles, and videos. After a lot of preparation, we recently were able to spotlight our kids and their books at the Gangneung National Book fair. The book fair was held in the center of downtown Gangneung at the traditional […]

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