Gangneung’s National Book Fair And IEK’s Youth Author Program


iExperienceKorea has a Youth Author Program. To date, we have completed 7 books with 7 youth authors, and numerous short stories, articles, and videos. After a lot of preparation, we recently were able to spotlight our kids and their books at the Gangneung National Book fair. The book fair was held in the center of downtown Gangneung at the traditional […]

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Using Cellphones In School


Do you know most students in Korea give their cellphones to teachers? It’s a important subject because many people have strong emotion about it. I think, we had better give our cellphones before class starts. There are 4 reasons why it’s good. First, we can’t pay attention to classes. Second, we might be addicted from cellphones. Third, we could ignore teachers. Lastly, we can lose […]

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