Korean Society – Individual Weakness and Collective Strength

Korea society is based on a very structured and logical set of ancient philosophical precepts which everyone knows from generational indoctrination over centuries, through a common history that is carefully treasured and propagated educationally throughout society, through a rigid system of vertical authority, and through traditions that honor and hold them in place. Ensuring Social Roles Are Respected For this […]

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Some Historical Roots of Racial and Cultural Superiority Tendencies

Generally speaking, whenever people share a lot in common, they clump up together if exposed to outsiders. At the same time, this commonality is also a matter of context in that, when left to themselves, they focus on differences rather on commonality and end up nagging, irritating, and gossiping about each other. Social engineers understand this, and work at the […]

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Coffee City


“Cup of Joe There’s nothing like a cup of joe, when the morning’s grey and grim and slow, when the streets collide with the world outside, when litter lies where lilies grow. Just drink that smoking cup of black and feel your feelings surging back. Plus, spill a drop and a coffee shop will sprout up from a sidewalk crack!” […]

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Links and Stuff


This is the last installment of the seven day blog challenge hosted by Darren at ProBloggger. It was great to participate in this challenge, I’ve learned a lot and gained some confidence as a blogger. For the final post in this challenge I need to make a ‘Links’ post.  I’ve wanted to create a ‘links’ page for a while now, so […]

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