Global Properties – The Test Site is Live

For a few weeks now, we have been developing an international investment site where people can invest money in new construction projects along the P2P model. iExperienceKorea has already posted a couple of articles that outline how that investment model works, and its advantages. Just the today, however, we finally launched the beta version of the test site live as […]

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Gangneung’s National Book Fair And IEK’s Youth Author Program


iExperienceKorea has a Youth Author Program. To date, we have completed 7 books with 7 youth authors, and numerous short stories, articles, and videos. After a lot of preparation, we recently were able to spotlight our kids and their books at the Gangneung National Book fair. The book fair was held in the center of downtown Gangneung at the traditional […]

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The First Korean War – 1871


Back in the 1800s, America was vying for trading space in the far East, trying to compete with Britain, Portugal, and the Dutch. The colonial powers were still at a high point, but the exploits of France, first with the revolution and then with Napoleon’s disruptions, had taken a lot of wind out of Europe’s sails. England was firmly taking the lead […]

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