Korean Society – Individual Weakness and Collective Strength

Korea society is based on a very structured and logical set of ancient philosophical precepts which everyone knows from generational indoctrination over centuries, through a common history that is carefully treasured and propagated educationally throughout society, through a rigid system of vertical authority, and through traditions that honor and hold them in place. Ensuring Social Roles Are Respected For this […]

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North Korea – A Vestige of the Cold War


25 years after the end of the cold war, we are looking at an interesting throwback situation in the current August 2017 crisis in North Korea. Western attempts to garner some understanding with the Hermit Kingdom have been pretty long suffering and patient. North Korea has been invited into cooperative endeavors many times, with the west showing good faith in dollars and diplomacy, […]

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The Western Way – How To Build A Modern World


These days there is a lot of complication and controversy regarding the way that the US and other western powers project their economic and political systems into other lands. There is also some serious concern about the European banking system, which has presided over the greatest escalation of human endeaver that the world has ever seen but has also drawn immense criticism […]

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