Korean Cultural Identity – Connecting the Inside to the Outside


Most traditional cultures have affectations that are more meaningful to themselves than to outsiders. Native Americans, for example, beat drums, dance around fires, and smoke peace pipes. While it is fun to watch them with their feathered head dress, painted faces, and tasseled buckskin breaches, the deeper meaning of this behavior is often lost on us as we lightheartedly leave […]

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Parsimony and Magnanimity – A Korean Conservative Evaluation


Prominent in English Literary History is the work “Leviathan” by Thomas Hobbes. In it, he laid out an interesting balance comparative between being timid and over reluctant, and being risky and spontaneous. It is certainly easy to see the need for individuals to be able to balance the two sides in order to make the wisest, most effective decisions. But different […]

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Gangneung’s National Book Fair And IEK’s Youth Author Program


iExperienceKorea has a Youth Author Program. To date, we have completed 7 books with 7 youth authors, and numerous short stories, articles, and videos. After a lot of preparation, we recently were able to spotlight our kids and their books at the Gangneung National Book fair. The book fair was held in the center of downtown Gangneung at the traditional […]

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Gangneung City’s Volunteer Agency


Recently, iExperienceKorea members visited the Gangneung Volunteer’s Agnecy. We had a short meeting just introducing ourselves to each other and talking about the situation the department faces with regard the upcoming Winter Olympics. Then, we went across the street to a Korean Restaurant and shared a friendly meal together. We Should Already Know Korean The Volunteer Agency is run by […]

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