We Need You! Volunteer for 2018

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers Needed Any major event depends heavily on the dedication and hard work by the people responsible to put it together for success.  It seems like the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics will be no exception.  Thankfully, the Pyeongchang Olympic Committee for Olympic Games (POCOG) have in place a devoted, and enthusiastic workforce of over 800.  They will certainly make sure […]

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The Korean Generation Gap


Kids these days do not fit any of the old Korean norms. While generation gaps exist in every country, in Korea, the situation seems extreme. There are huge differences between grandparents and parents, and how they view the world. Then, there is another gap between parents and children. Grandparents Have Witnessed Tremendous Change Grandparents in Korea have the memory of […]

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The Korean Switch – Part 2


This past weekend, I was at an intercultural business meeting, and yesterday, I wrote an article about a Korean manager, and his experience switching between an open Western and closed Korean management experience. This article relates the feelings and experience of a Western manager trying to work under a Korean team. The group of organizations that I work with have […]

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The Korean Switch – Alternating Between Different Worlds


There is a group of companies is Seoul that gathers for conferences together on inter-cultural cooperation. Their focus is on the ability of Korean management to interface with teams that are not Korean. This weekend, members of 7 different companies met for a series of workshops, and to rehearse some presentations for an upcoming private event on the same subject. […]

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