experiencing korea

Bridging Differences

Korea has a beautiful culture that is dynamic in its contrast beteen past and present, East and West, dignified and warm. As we mix in company between our different cultures, rich experiences arise that deepen us all as individuals and friends.

Preparing for the Olympics

The Gangnung / Pyeongchang area especially has a deficit in Multi Cultural experience. iExperienceKorea is focused on increasing the opportunity for our Korean Neighbors here to have more enriching international experiences before the Olympic Games.

Be Part of Our Community

Another goal we have is to improve expat language skills, and to work toward better integration. The language, culture, and phiolophical barriers are there, but with gentle patience and understanding on both sides, we can be closer as a community together.

Gangneung / Pyeongchang Story

The Olympics will provide an outstanding messaging platform for corporate Korea and for international companies. We feel that the local communities in the areas of the 2018 Olypmpic Venues should start telling their story now too, and build an archive of interesting details about the wonderful place where we all have chosen to live.