Downtown Seoul by the Great Han River

Seoul is a METROPOLIS with more
than 10.5 million people.

From the bustling energy of the work day, with subways, busses, taxis, restaurants, coffee shops, cosmetic surgery clinics, neon signs, 5 story video boards, shopping centers, parks, traditional palaces, skyscrapers, and a dynamic night life, Seoul is a place you will always want to go back too, and never be able to forget.

At iExperinceKorea, we know how to conduct professional and personal business in Korea. Financial services, publishing services, education services, translation and interpretation services, Import/Export services, and just help with random issues are all within our scope. Use the contact information below.


Traditional Gardens and Historical Places

For peacful, beautiful places, Korea is hard to compare

All throughout the country there are special parks and preseved historical places that are precious to the Korean people and their collective hisorical memories. The exotic beauty of the country is enhanced by the respect paid ancient families of notoriety and to the Kings that they honor through enshrining their homes and palaces.


Korean Food that Everyone Loves

People can be particular about food, but just one bite will make you a beleiver

Experience marinaded meats, fresh fruits and vegitables, and kimchee type foods that have been through a desiccating phase with intense special flavors reintroduced through follow-up absorbtion. You won't believe the particular flavors that Korean people have developed over time. Many people say that the Korean diet is one of the healthiest in the world. You wouldn't know it by the tantalizing flavors though. Once you try it, you'll be forever hooked.


iExperienceKorea is a service minded organization

We can help Koreans with foreign needs, and foreigners with Korean

We Do Education

English, Math, Science, Business, Writing... We work with international schools and Korean schools alike. We also have online or face to face personal tutors. Contact us any time to investigate our schools and tutor options.

We Help With Financial Services

Currency exchange or money transfers can be an expensive hassle. We can help through conventional wire transfers or through bitcoin. We buy and sell bitcoin, and sometimes that is the easiest way to move money in today's world.

Publishing Books and Brochures

Would you like to publish a book, or do you need help writing one? We do that too, and can help you get set up and market your books on Amazon. Do you need to translate a Korean text into English, or go from English to Korean? We can help.

Communication and Translation

Do you need an intermediary to help you communicate with non-English speaking Korean people, or if you are Korean, to help interact with English speakers here or abroad? Our translators and interpreters are here to help.

Travel, Accomodation, and Tours

If you are here to visit, you still might need help. What if you face issues at the ariport? Or maybe you have a dispute about a bill on your trip. It isn't hard to communicate about simple things, but if you need help, you can contact us.

Business Support and Consultation

Import or Export - International or Domestic - Public or Private. We are comfortable assisting with any type of commercial busiess. In country support is essential for success, and we can help in a lot of different ways.

Contact: Jeff Rogers (Enlgish) - or - Lee, Myung Ho (Korean)